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Winter Rules

It's that time of year.  Winter Rules are here to help protect the course and also provide fair relief for us golfers.

Winter Rule

When a player’s ball lies in a part of the General Area cut to fairway height or less, the player may take free relief once by placing the original ball or another ball in and playing it from this relief area:

Reference point: Spot of the original ball.

Size of relief area: 6 inches from the reference point. Not nearer the hole than the reference point and that point must be in the General Area.

In proceeding under this Local Rule, the player must choose a spot to place the ball and use the procedure for replacing a ball under Rule 14.2b(2)*.

Additional Winter Rule

Marking, Lifting and Cleaning a Ball Lying in the General Area

In addition to allowing preferred lies in areas cut to fairway height or less, when a player’s ball lies in other parts of the General Area, (Rough and Semi Rough), the ball may be marked, lifted, cleaned and replaced without penalty. The player must mark the spot before lifting the ball and the ball must be replaced on its original spot.

In short if a ball lies in the rough it may be marked, lifted, cleaned and replaced on its original spot in the same manner as a ball marked and lifted on a putting green. This facility is not allowed in Penalty Areas or Bunkers.

Penalty for breach of Local Rules is the general penalty of 2 strokes in stroke play and loss of hole in match play.

Competitions Committee. October 2019

*Rule 14.2b (2) * How Ball Must Be Replaced

The ball must be replaced by setting it down on the required spot and letting it go so that it stays on that spot. If the player plays a ball that was replaced in a wrong way but on the required spot, the player gets one penalty stroke


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