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Tined, Dressed, Brushed and Rolled

Gary and his team have been (like most of us) frustrated of late due to Rain, Snow and then Frost, but they managed to get out today to finish off the Greens renovation work.

Work carried out included:

Micro-hollow Tining


What Is Hollow Tining For?

The hollow tining of greens, tees and even fairways is an essential part of course maintenance

It’s a proven technique carried out every year at most golf clubs. 

What is Hollow Tining? 

In essence it's the removal of cores of turf from a playing surface.

The holes are generally 13-16mm in diameter and of varying depths depending on the reason for the tine.

The cores are then swept up and removed. 

When completed, a smaller mass of soil will occupy the same area of green/tee/fairway.

Why is it done?

Course traffic causes the ground to become compacted and hardened.

This means drainage is less efficient and the grass’s roots are prevented from absorbing vital oxygen to help growth.

Hollow tining means the turf can expand and air and moisture is more easily absorbed.

The coring also helps address the problem of thatch and removes accumulated fibre in the grass’s root zone. In essence we take out bad soil and replace with new

That’s why the greens are normally covered in sandy top dressing immediately after they’re tined.

Top Dressing


Why do we top-dress?

Frequent applications of an appropriate top dressing will assist the greenkeeper greatly by providing the following benefits:

  • It helps maintain a smooth, true putting surface
  • In conjunction with tining or scarification, it will avoid excessive thatch build-up
  • Enables the guys to control organic matter content, water infiltration and aeration
  • It's essential in maintaining or increasing root zone depth
  • Improves germination on over-seeded areas and sustains appropriate soil texture
  • The top soil is then brushed to ensure the dressing gets deep into the roots to help root growth

FINALLY Vibro-Rolled

Vibro rolling helps to level off the surface once the tines and top soil have been brushed and provides the silky smooth putting surfaces we have come to know

Once again a huge thanks to Barny and his team for all their efforts and to you, the members, for your patience whilst this work is carried out.


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