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spread a little kindness

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week.

At times like these we are learning to adapt to the requirements needed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. As a result we have had to rethink the way we do our hobbies, and pursue our interests.

We know from numerous surveys and reports, but more importantly from our own experiences that golf is great for our mental health.

It’s wonderful that we can now get out and begin to play this great game again, but not everyone is so lucky.

Think about those around you who may not be able to get out because they are self isolating, or simply because their release is a trip to the clubhouse for a social chat over a pot of tea and a crumpet.

Think about what you can do for others this week, to spread a little kindness.

You might have treated a friend to a trip to the cinema or for dinner , but today , you can watch something on a streaming service and keep in touch by phone or gift them a takeaway instead. Maybe send them an afternoon tea, have one yourself and enjoy it together over zoom. You could even gift a subscription to an entertainment service, magazine or drop off (safely) a simple care package.

You can share your skills, such as offering to help with technology, sharing recipes, or sewing masks or scrubs for key workers. These are all great ways to bring your skills and interests to others.

So why not take some time this week to share a message of support with an individual, your regular fourball or a wider group.

Kindness and positive mental health are often talked about, well now is our chance to spread a little kindness and look out for those close to us.

Mental Health Foundation


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