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Friday 17th July - Junior Evenings Return

Junior evenings will resume for those who were playing on the course last year or have been advised by Richard they are now eligible to play on the course. 

Unfortunately this does mean that the little ones and the beginners will have to wait a little while longer to be able to resume, this is due to the restrictions on group coaching and the availability of staff.


1 – We will endeavour to reserve tee times from 445-6pm on Friday evenings.

2 – Please advise Richard Edwards ( or 07855890117, or via the Juniors Whatsapp group) by Tuesday evening whether your child will be taking part in Juniors that coming Friday

3 - We will pre-allocate each Junior with a tee time by Wednesday of that week.  Any problems or changes needed please advise us by Thursday 12noon.

4 – We will endeavour to allocate a parent to each group to walk with them and this will be advised when you arrive on the day.


5 - Arrival.  Please continue to follow club guidelines for play, especially in regards to social distancing.  Please only arrive a maximum of 20 minutes prior to your tee time.  Notify Richard or the club official on duty that night of your attendance and collect your card from them. You can then advance to the putting green or practice net and spend 10 minutes warming up before proceeding to the tee.  On completion of play, please check your cards, return them and then you are to be collected by your parents.

6 - Parents, if your child has a mobile phone, please have them message you at a suitable time prior to them finishing.  If they don't we’d envisage the 9 hole rounds taking circa 2hrs and the 18 hole rounds 3hrs 45mins, so please plan your trip back to the club accordingly.

7 - Please understand we cannot offer a creche facility, any gathering of Juniors and parents around the clubhouse, could lead to the Junior evenings being pulled, so please do everything you can to arrive in good time for your child to finish playing.  The clubhouse is now open, so please do feel free to enjoy a drink , but please be aware that to avoid overcrowding, we do ask that people only spend a maximum of 1hour at the clubhouse unless it is particularly quiet.


8 - All bunkers will be in play and model local rule 3E applied(preferred lies adopted). To summarise the ball can be lifted cleaned and placed within 6 inches within the bunker. The area cannot be smoothed before placing. All rakes have been removed from the course so please do your best to smooth the sand with a club or feet as you leave the bunker area.

9 - Ball is holed ONLY when part of the ball is below the level of the cup.  A ball which bounces out is NOT holed.  We have replaced the NHS cup inserts with smaller wooden plugs and it certainly appears that these have significantly reduced/eliminated bounce outs.

10 - Card Marking.  You should mark your own cards (see below example where Mike Edge is the player marking their own card and John Evans his designated Marker).

            • Put your name & handicap against Player A and mark your own score in Gross Score A

            • Put your nominated playing partners score in the markers column and add their name to Player C

            • At the end of the round, verbally cross check the scores and ONLY sign your own card. 

            • Cards to be placed in the boxes provided post round.

            • Competition cards will then be left for a safe amount of time before being entered into the computer by one member of the committee.  

            • PLEASE allow 72 hours for the competition results to be published

11 - Where applicable competitions will be qualifying events for handicap purposes & cumulatively for the Noel Rees Scroll.

Safety of your children and our Junior members is paramount so please ensure all Children are checked in before you leave/return to your car and signed out prior to leaving.

Any feedback please forward to our Junior Organiser - Richard Edwards


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