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Golf Biomechanics:

In the first in a new series looking at the biomechanics of golf, Wayne Peter (better known to some of you as Giggsy), will be taking us through all we need to know to ensure we look after our bodies and maximise our golfing ability

First off we asked Giggsy to tell us a little more about himself and what we can expect over the coming weeks.

Apart from your inability to Chip, can you tell us a little more about yourself and your background:

Well to answer the above and introduce myself formally, I’m Wayne Peter, Full-Time Sports Therapist, Husband and Father, Part time Golfer and occasional fly fisherman. 

Most members will probably only know me as my long-standing nickname of ‘Giggsy’ (it has no correlation to my football ability past or present). You may have seen me on the course over the past 20 years and if you’ve been lucky enough to witness my short game over the last 5 years then you truly won’t have forgotten me. When it comes to the overall golf game I was what you could say ‘above average once’ when nothing else seemed important, but like us all, time, life, family and career took over and I’m now resigned to searching for that holy grail, the category 1 golfer again, whilst balancing everything else.

Through my experiences as not just a Sports Therapist but also a golfer, I will be producing a frequent series of informative blogs for our members, targeting all areas of the biomechanics of a golf swing and how we can strive to improve that. Not only blogs but there will be an opportunity for individuals to get in touch with their questions and queries they may have on the subject.  There are also plans for me to come along to the club and deliver a presentation to those members who are interested in improving biomechanics, thus not only improving the golf swing and scores but also us physically as individuals, whatever walk of life we may follow or however far our journey has taken us.  After all our body is the vehicle for both.

Okay great, but what is a Sports Therapist?

‘Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability’.

Well that’s the official description and in a nutshell the job of a Sports Therapist, that said we all have our own methods, skills and differing techniques we prefer to utilise but we are all pulling in the same direction. 

For me personally it’s something I have been doing for nearly 12 years, working with all backgrounds of person from elite professional athlete to occasional exerciser.  Be that working with the Football Association of Wales, or in my own private clinic with a guy that enjoys a run once a week.  

My goal and passion is to have the individual performing at their optimum level and more importantly enjoying what they do.  My strap line ‘Aiding recovery & enhancing performance ‘is the cornerstone of WP Sports Therapy.  Anybody who has had the pleasure of receiving treatment or working with me will be able to underline, that being the very best Sports Therapist possible is my passion, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to have you, the patient, performing to the very best you can from a physical point of view, not only through my ‘hands on’ techniques, but also from the rehabilitation work you can do from the relative advice I pass on.

So what are you going to tell us ?

Encapsulating the bodies kinesiological (bodies movement) relationship with the golf swing, each blog will focus on a different facet, we may or may not have encountered in our journey as golfers, whatever age or level.

They will give an informative insight on what our bodies are trying to achieve and what we can do to help them achieve it. Therefore allowing us to enjoy the game we all love. Below is a list of areas I will focus on in more depth over the coming months throughout the blogs:

  • The Basic Fundamentals (the ‘Pillars’ of the golf swing)
  • Common Golfing injuries
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Warming up before a round
  • The Youth Golfer
  • The Senior Golfer
  • Strength and Conditioning for golf

I will also be looking for engagement from you the reader/ member, offering the opportunity to request areas you may feel are relevant to yourself and your own game/physicality by contacting myself either through the club or personally at the contacts provided.

Either way I set out to make it an enjoyable project for us all and one which hopefully we can all learn something from in-turn leading us to enjoy ‘our great game’ even more so!

Yours in Healthy Golf


So there we have it.  Wayne will be opening up over the coming weeks with the basics and as we go along he is open to take questions and where appropriate will bring those answers out in his upcoming posts.

So if you have any questions you need answering or wish to discuss with Wayne one-to-one drop him a line to


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