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Your only point of contact with your golf club

It's often one of the most overlooked parts of a gold club, but the grip is your only contact with your club and as such it's vital you ensure your grips are up to scratch.

You can keep them in good shape by regularly cleaning with warm water to remove mud, dust, grease etc, but over time they will begin to wear or smooth out.

A fresh grip lets you hold the club lightly without the fear of losing the club during your swing.  This relaxed hold improves swing mechanics and promotes more wrist action for increased speed and distance, whilst a worn grip encourages you to increase grip tension and tighten up your wrists and forearms inhibiting proper swing mechanics, leading to reduced power, distance and control.

A fresh set of grips will bring a noticeable change to your game and is a fairly inexpensive upgrade

The other element to look at these days is grip size.  There are many different hand sizes out there, just as there are foot sizes.  We don't all wear the same size shoes, so why should we all play the same size grip.  Speak to Jim or Rich in the shop and they can show you the different size and grip options, to find one to best suit your game.

We currently stock an extensive range of grips from both Golf Pride and SuperStroke.  Golf Pride are without question the #1 grip on tour and have a very well thought out range, to offer something to every golfer, whether you're looking for added traction and all year around playability from their cord grips, through to their new multi compound grips to give greater feel and control.  

The SuperStroke grips are taking the putting world by storm and their various thicknesses offer different solutions for golfers.  The top 5 in last years Fed-Ex cup all played Super Stroke putter grips and their bug name players currently taking the world of golf by storm include Jordan Spieth and John Rahm.

So as a review

  • Worn out grips will have a negative impact on your game
  • New grips could help increase ball speed and distance
  • Check that you are using the correct sized grips for your hand
  • See what grip material and finish you like the feel of.  Don't forget this is our ONLY contact with the club

Pop in and speak to Jim or Rich and they'll happily show you the range of choices on offer.


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