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Golf Course and Club Operational update from 19th July 2021.

The extended period of Covid restrictions will be relaxed from 19th July and we will move towards more ‘normal’ operations. The below ‘protocols’ will apply from that date.


1. The government’s removal of rules and guidance around social distancing and congregation numbers means that there are no restrictions on the golf course with regards to course furniture, sharing equipment, touching golf balls or the size of groups, beyond those set by the club.

Golf Course

1. All golf will start from the first hole.

2. Golf course furniture will be returned including bunker rakes, ball-washers and hole cups. Flagsticks may be removed.

3. Sanitiser will be made available in various locations but we strongly recommend that players carry their own.

Booking Golf / Competitions and Rules of Competitions and Scoring

1. The booking system will remain in place for all golf and the BRS competition purse will remain in use for competition payment.

2. Competition and scoring for handicap functions, handling, signing, and submitting of scorecards etc will revert to pre-pandemic operations.

3. Coronavirus-related changes to the rules of golf and all handicapping provisions that enabled the game to be played competitively during the period in which restrictions have been set will be removed. Therefore cards must be independently marked and signed by playing partners.


1. The Clubhouse and hospitality areas will revert to pre-pandemic operations. We would encourage people to continue to use outdoor seating areas and whilst you may approach the bar we would also politely suggest that once served customers remain in their seats and not over circulate.

2. The showers will remain closed until they are professionally recommissioned. This is to comply with Health and Safety regulations.

Coaching and Teaching

1. This will return ‘to normal’ with group sizes at the discretion of staff.


During the pandemic we have moved more and more towards a ‘cashless’ economy and as well as ‘safety’ benefits by reducing contacts this has also proven beneficial to all operational areas of the club. Banking cash is time consuming and expensive and our ‘local’ bank, HSBC in Oswestry, is set to close its counter service. Therefore we strongly request that this continues

General comment

We are still in the middle of a pandemic and whilst restrictions have been eased we must all use judgement and common sense as to what is appropriate behaviour. I would urge everyone to respect people’s ‘space’. If you still wish to wear a face covering please do so. If you want table service etc please ask. It is vital that everybody, golfers, visitors and staff, feel that they are in a safe environment. We would still request that the first point of contact with the office is email or telephone message.

Let’s all hope that this is the start of moving forwards to safer and better times.

John Evans

Secretary OGC 15th July 2021


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