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Early season fairway preperation 

The guys have been out and about this morning brushing the fairways.  Yes, you read that correctly they've been brushing the fairways.

There is method in their madness

Brushing the fairways this time of year serves 3 key purposes. 

  • Firstly it raises the grass ensuring when the fairway mower follows behind, they are cutting the lifted grass ends rather than cutting at flattened peices of grass, which could lead to damage to root growth and also would leave a rather uneven cut.
  • Secondly it helps to break down and level off the worm casts
  • Finally it removes the dew to ensure a cleaner cut

The main issue here at this time of year are the worm casts and since the chemicals used of old, have been banned, we have to look at alternative methods.  There are a number of other options, but this is the one we feel may well be the most sustainable long term.

We spoke to Barney who said ' It's great to be back out cutting and seeing the stripes reappearing on the course.  Worm Casts are always a problem this time of year and whilst they (the worms) help break down thatch, their casts do cause us issues.  The banning of chemicals has meant we've had to look at alternative options and this brush method is one we are currently testing'

So there you have it.  Brushing the fairways is not as mad as it may seem.

Thanks once again to everyone who is able to and does carry during this extended wet spell, it is really helping ensure the course looks good this time of year and we have no doubts will pay dividends come the drier weather.

All that remains is for us to ask you all to do whatever sun dance you can!


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